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Adorable Granola Bundles

So cute.  So tasty.  So filling.  So healthy.  So convenient.  So easy to make.  Does this mean granola bundles are the perfect snack?  Yes.  It does.

The most generic brand corn flakes ever, quick oats, peanut butter of your own preference, honey, almonds, and brown sugar.  BONUS: my sister and her fiancé brought me some homemade granola, so I threw a cup of that in just to make it extra-special.

Can I just pause and say that almonds are absurdly expensive, so if you think you might like them, just buy them in bulk.  That one little can cost more than like, all the rest of the ingredients combined.

Three cups of oatmeal and three cups of cornflakes.  (And the bonus sibling granola.)  I chopped the almonds before tossing them in.

Now combine the sticky ingredients.  That is half a cup of peanut butter, and it’s on its way into…

THE HEAVENLY PIT OF DELICIOUSNESS.  That is, equal parts peanut butter, honey, and brown sugar.

Then you just combine everything thoroughly, with some elbow grease.  At this point, SOME people like to bake it and cut it into squares, and SOME like to form it into balls, but I like to package them into neat little tinfoil bundles.  The advantage of foil bundles is you can toss them into your lunch willy-nilly, and you don’t have to get your hands dirty forming them.  Ahen you unwrap one in the office, you get a manageable clump of granola that doesn’t scatter all over your desk.


Makes 20-30 golf-ball-size bundles


3 cups quick oats
3 cups plain cornflakes
1 cup chopped almonds
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar

1. Combine dry ingredients.  In a separate bowl, combine peanut butter, honey, and brown sugar.

2. Fold dry and wet ingredients together with a large spoon until mixture forms small even clumps.

3. Spoon about 2 tablespoons into a square of aluminum foil and bundle up.

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